Employers, Are You Interested in Hiring Veterans?

Employers, Are You Interested in Hiring Veterans? was originally published on College Recruiter.

Employers are constantly looking to hire the best and brightest people to help their companies succeed.  While they might have certain candidates in mind, it is important for them not to forget about those who have served our country.  Veterans who are transitioning from military life to civilian life might have the skills and experience employers need to fill job openings.  They do not want a hand out, just a hand up in preparing to enter the job market.

Some companies may not understand the challenge(s) veterans face when it comes to finding a job in the private sector.  So, how can they bridge the gap from the military to the corporate world?  One way is to have vets be a part of training and development programs that will assist them in the job search.  This can involve helping them write a resume, prepare them for a job interview, and learn how to network.  If your company does not already have such programs in place, you could invest in them or partner with organizations who can provide these services.

Do you want to show your support of employing veterans?  Start small by hiring one vet, and find the right job for him or her in your company.  Think about if every business hired one veteran; that would certainly add to the workforce.  In addition, consider ways to retain vets in your workplace such as the opportunity to continue their education or provide other specific needs.  Why? According to one source, many vets tend to leave their first or second post service job.

As employers search for the best candidates to fill positions, they should not overlook our veterans.  Veterans want companies to know that they want to be empowered, not pitied as they transition into civilian life.  With the right preparation, vets can succeed in today’s job market.

Maureen Casey and Todd Bowers with JP Morgan Chase and Company join host Derrick Dortch to talk about the 100,000 Jobs Mission, and how it is helping veterans find jobs in the private sector. November 7, 2014

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