12 great remote jobs those early in their marketing and advertising careers

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Some professions do not lend themselves well to remote work. Think jobs in restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Sure, there are some jobs in each of those industries that can easily be done by fully remote workers, but most cannot. After all, you’re not likely to knock on the front door of a surgeon’s home and ask if she can remove your gallbladder.

Other professions do lend themselves well to remote work. These can be described as “knowledge work” which, in today’s world, often means people seated at desks working on computers. Many of those in marketing and advertising careers do exactly that. So, if you’re early in your career and want to work remotely, the occupational fields of marketing and advertising should be of interest to you.

We recently asked a dozen hiring experts for some examples of jobs in marketing and advertising that can be performed by employees who are working remotely. Some of these jobs are unlikely to surprise you. A few might.

  • SEO Content Writing and Specialization
  • Copywriters, SMMs, and Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketing Manager and Strategist Roles
  • Content Production and PPC Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing and PPC Specialist Opportunities
  • Content, Digital Marketing, and Design Flexibility
  • CX Strategist and CRM Specialist Roles
  • Digital Campaign Analysts and Automation Specialists
  • Social Media Managers and CRM Administrators
  • Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing Flexibility
  • Marketing Coordinator and Content Manager Insights
  • Influencer Marketing and CRO Specialist Success

SEO Content Writing and Specialization

SEO Content Writing: An excellent choice for those venturing into marketing from remote settings. It’s a vast niche, often underestimated, yet crucial for brands worldwide seeking high-quality, SEO-optimized content. With the rise of AI, the demand for genuine, value-driven, and human-sounding content has never been more critical. This role is perfectly suited for remote work, accessible through both employment and freelancing avenues. It requires a solid grasp of on-page SEO basics, proficiency in tools like SurferSEO, alongside strong writing and communication skills.

SEO Specialist: This role revolves more around the technicalities of SEO marketing, such as keyword research, competitor analysis, technical SEO, and backlink audits and retrieval. Though it requires more learning and experience, it’s a high-demand skill set that promises rewarding pay while being feasible for remote work.

Social Media Management: This role can be done remotely as it involves creating engaging content, managing a brand’s social media presence, and interacting with the community to build brand awareness. This role can be demanding, as many companies require assistance in creating ad creatives. Like SEO writing and specialization, it offers flexibility and the chance to work with brands worldwide.

Munir Alsafi, Co-Founder, VixelStudio

Copywriters, SMMs, and Graphic Designers

If you’re looking to dive into marketing or advertising remotely, here are three stellar gigs to consider. First up, we’ve got copywriters. They create all the catchy slogans, website content, and ad copy you see out there. They can brainstorm and pen their brilliance just with their laptops or computers. 

You can also try the Social Media Manager (SMM) role. This position manages a brand’s social media feeds. They create engaging posts, interact with followers, and keep those timelines buzzing anytime and anywhere. 

And finally, don’t forget about graphic designers. These are the ones responsible for making marketing materials look stunning, from logos to images for social media. They can work their magic from wherever they find inspiration, whether it’s a bustling coffee shop or a quiet corner at home. 

If you have the skills, you can do all or any of these jobs from the comfort of your couch or wherever you feel most productive.

Daniel Willmott, Founder, Shortformvideo.co

Digital Marketing Manager and Strategist Roles

  1. A Digital Marketing Manager oversees online marketing campaigns and strategies. They are responsible for developing and implementing digital marketing initiatives such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. This role involves analyzing data, measuring campaign performance, and optimizing strategies to achieve marketing goals. With the availability of various collaboration tools and digital marketing platforms, Digital Marketing Managers can effectively work remotely and coordinate with team members and clients.
  2. A Content Strategist is responsible for planning and developing content strategies that align with a company’s marketing objectives. They conduct research on target audiences, identify content opportunities, and create guidelines for content creation and distribution. Content Strategists collaborate with writers, designers, and marketers to ensure consistent messaging and brand voice across various channels. With communication tools and project management software, Content Strategists can work remotely and collaborate with team members to execute content strategies effectively.
  3. A Social Media Manager is responsible for managing and growing a company’s presence on social media platforms. They create and curate content, engage with the online community, and monitor social media performance. Social Media Managers should have a strong understanding of different social media platforms, audience targeting, and content optimization. With the ability to schedule posts, use social media management tools, and remotely monitor analytics, Social Media Managers can efficiently handle their responsibilities from anywhere.

Scott Evans, Director, Gorilla360

Content Production and PPC Campaign Management

Content production is a highly satisfying activity for remote workers, according to my experience in the advertising and marketing industry. You get to be creative and flexible when crafting material for social media and blogs, and you get to see your work resonate with people all around the world.

Digital advertising is another treasure. Work in pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management can be both analytical and creative. Proof that you don’t require an office to accomplish outstanding results is the time I optimized a campaign from my kitchen table, which doubled our click-through rate.

The last piece of the puzzle is SEO consulting. A combination of strategic thought and the opportunity to delve deeply into different industries is required to assist firms in increasing their online presence. I demonstrated the power of well-executed SEO methods through a remote project that resulted in a 40% boost in customer traffic.

Kal Dimitrov, Content & Marketing Expert, Enhancv

Email Marketing and PPC Specialist Opportunities

An exciting position for remote workers in the marketing field is an Email Marketing Specialist. They design and implement direct email marketing campaigns, write copy, and analyze responses to optimize future campaigns. Given the digital nature of email marketing, specialists can easily work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection, making it an ideal role for remote work.

Another great role is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist. This job involves managing a company’s PPC ad campaigns across various platforms, analyzing performance data, and adjusting strategies to maximize ROI. The job’s focus on digital platforms and performance metrics means it can be done effectively from anywhere, appealing to those seeking flexibility in their work environment.

A Brand Strategist for remote workers can be deeply rewarding. This role focuses on developing positioning recommendations, guiding market research analysis, and defining brand elements and tone. The strategic and conceptual nature of brand strategy work makes it perfectly suited for remote positions, as it relies more on insight, creativity, and communication than on physical office presence.

Alex Taylor, Head of Marketing, SEO Specialists, CrownTV

Content, Digital Marketing, and Design Flexibility

Content Marketer/Copywriter, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Graphic Designer are three distinct marketing and advertising positions.

Written content is produced remotely by content marketers for a range of channels.

Specialists in digital marketing create and oversee online marketing plans from a distance, using various digital platforms.

Graphic designers work remotely to produce images for advertising campaigns. These positions give remote employees the chance to use their expertise in a remote work environment while supporting marketing and advertising initiatives. They entail duties including designing, managing campaigns, and producing content. They provide freedom and opportunities for teamwork through the use of digital tools and communication channels.

Kartik Ahuja, Digital Marketer, kartikahuja.com

CX Strategist and CRM Specialist Roles

Those passionate about ensuring a positive customer journey should consider the role of a Customer Experience (CX) Strategist. This remote-friendly job entails mapping out and analyzing every interaction a customer has with a brand, and then developing strategies to enhance these touchpoints for better engagement and satisfaction. It’s a role that blends analytical and empathetic skills, aiming to foster loyalty and positive brand perception. 

A complementary position is that of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Specialist, where you manage a brand’s interactions with current and potential customers through data analysis to improve relationships and drive sales growth. 

Another exciting role is that of a Digital Advertising Specialist, focusing on creating and managing online advertising campaigns across multiple channels. 

These positions are perfect for those looking to ensure that marketing strategies not only attract customers but also keep them engaged and satisfied over time.

Allison Kesselring, Sales Manager, Oaks Roofing and Siding

Digital Campaign Analysts and Automation Specialists

With today’s marketing and advertising sphere, accelerated by the shift to remote work, three roles stand out for their adaptability and critical impact from afar.

Digital Campaign Analysts: These professionals decipher the data from digital campaigns. Their detailed analysis and strategic adjustments aim to boost engagement and ROI, making them central to shaping effective marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation Specialists: Focused on enhancing efficiency, these specialists employ software solutions to automate marketing tasks. This not only streamlines workflows but also personalizes customer engagement, ensuring campaigns are both effective and scalable.

Brand Strategists: Essential for molding a brand’s core identity, these strategists develop comprehensive branding strategies that engage and resonate with the intended audience. Their work in defining a brand’s voice and position in the marketplace is critical for crafting narratives that captivate and convert.

Shawn Manaher, Founder, The Content Authority

Social Media Managers and CRM Administrators

Social media managers excel remotely, curating engaging content and interacting with audiences across platforms from anywhere in the world. Copywriters also find the remote environment stimulating, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with target demographics without the need for a traditional office. Lastly, CRM administrators, adept at managing customer relationships and data analytics, can significantly contribute to marketing efforts from remote setups, ensuring personalized customer experiences and efficient lead management. These roles leverage digital tools and flexible environments to drive marketing success.

Daniel Lynch, President & Owner, Empathy First Media

Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing Flexibility

Many of the most important channels are digital, so marketing has become a great field for remote work. Take social media marketing. If you’ve got great design fundamentals, experience with tools like Figma, and a computer, you can design effective creatives from anywhere with an internet connection. Managers can provide feedback through remote channels. It can all happen remotely.

SEO marketing is another great remote work option. You’d be surprised how many sites neglect their fundamentals. Just making sure Google can crawl the sitemap can have a measurable impact on traffic. From there, you can hone in on optimizing for keywords and creating great content.

That leads me to my third suggestion. Content marketing draws on similar SEO skills, but it also relies on quick research, effective synthesis, and strong writing. Creating high-quality blog posts tuned to the algorithm can help build your top-of-funnel marketing and nurture prospects as they filter down through the funnel.

Cabriah Ross, Marketing Director, ChargeLab

Marketing Coordinator and Content Manager Insights

First, there’s the marketing coordinator. This role is like the marketing department’s jack-of-all-trades. You’ll help with everything from managing social media campaigns to creating presentations. It’s a great way to get your feet wet in marketing and learn the ropes.

Next up is the content manager. This job is all about planning, creating, and overseeing all sorts of content, like blog posts, website copy, and even videos. If you have a knack for storytelling and keeping things organized, this could be your perfect fit.

And lastly, there’s copywriting. This role is all about writing persuasive and engaging marketing messages. Whether it’s crafting website copy, email campaigns, or social media posts, you’ll be the wordsmith behind the scenes, convincing people why a product or service is awesome.

Kimberley Tyler-Smith, VP of Strategy and Growth, Resume Worded

Influencer Marketing and CRO Specialist Success

Certainly! The three remote marketing jobs can be:

  1. Influencer Marketing Managers are responsible for the identification, engagement, and management of influencer relationships to endorse brands or products. They devise campaign strategies, negotiate contracts, and monitor performance. Remote influencer marketing roles boast high success rates due to the escalating importance of influencer collaborations in digital marketing strategies.
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialists scrutinize website traffic and user behavior to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing conversion rates and user experience. They conduct A/B testing, implement website changes, and track conversion metrics. Success rates in these roles are high, as remote workers can efficiently analyze website data and implement optimization strategies using remote tools and platforms.
  3. Remote Brand Ambassador Coordinators play a vital role in overseeing the recruitment, training, and management of ambassadors to promote a company’s products without relying on single-use plastics. For instance, we have collaborated with eco-friendly brands that offer plastic-free alternatives, such as reusable water bottles, bamboo utensils, or cloth tote bags, as part of our promotional campaigns. This approach aligns with sustainability goals, minimizing environmental impact while effectively marketing products through ambassador programs.

Chaitsi Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Brown Living

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