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Professional Organizations for Women and Minorities

The organizations below are dedicated to the development of minorities and women in specific professions. Many of them allow hiring organizations to list job vacancies on their web sites or professional publications.


By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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6 Strategies for Building Community in Online Courses

Sometimes, a group of students in a given class just seems to gel. They connect, work well together, and encourage and support each other. Sometimes a group of students does not gel. They barely interact, they don’t work together, and while they …

By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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Ten successful online study habits

*originally posted by University of Washington: https://academicsupport.uw.edu/study-skills/online-learning/ten-successful-online-study-habits/

Here are ten ideas for studying online effectively.

Take up bedtime studying

Rather than catching up Netflix, take time to review your study notes about an upcoming test. Recent studies have shown that …

By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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7 Ways to Educate Employees on Diversity and Create a Truly Inclusive Workplace

Companies across the globe are talking about removing bias, giving everyone equal opportunities, and creating healthy, diversity-friendly work environments. However, diversity is too often just a buzzword. Creating an inclusive culture is a bit more complex than merely saying your …

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30 Best Internships for Diversity

Today, we’re pleased to release our new ranking of the 30 Best Internship Programs for Overall Diversity. The ranking is based on a survey of more than 11,400 current and former interns from more than 100 internship programs. This past …

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Career Resources

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Marketing Association
American Institute of Architecture Students at the University of Oklahoma
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at the University of Oklahoma

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