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7 Ways to Educate Employees on Diversity and Create a Truly Inclusive Workplace

Companies across the globe are talking about removing bias, giving everyone equal opportunities, and creating healthy, diversity-friendly work environments. However, diversity is too often just a buzzword. Creating an inclusive culture is a bit more complex than merely saying your …

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3 tips for employers who wish to hire more neurodivergent candidates

The best employers know the value of having an inclusive and diverse workplace. According to Forbes, “When companies embrace neurodiversity, they gain competitive advantages in many areas — productivity, innovation, culture and talent retention.” Cultivating an environment that fosters diversity …

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3 Ways Your Company’s Policies Are Hurting Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

If your company isn't thinking about how to increase its diversity and inclusion right now, it might be asking for trouble down the road. Less engaged employees, lower productivity, losing talent to competitors, and even litigation are all serious risks. …

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Why Companies Must Invest in Employees’ Mental Health

With World Mental Health Day coming up on October 10, we wanted to call attention to conversations surrounding mental health in the workplace and how companies can invest in their employees’ well-being to create a culture of empathy, inclusion, and …

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4 Ways to Support Your Transgender Colleagues, During and After Pride

This year’s Pride Month is a bittersweet one, perfectly captured by the chosen theme: Peace, Love, Revolution. At the time of writing this, the ACLU is tracking more than 490 anti-LGBTQ+ laws on the dockets of nearly all state legislatures, …

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