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reveal.js: Online Presentations

Taught by Ray Villalobos
For web designers and developers, tools like PowerPoint and Keynote lack the power that’s available to web browsers. Reveal.js allows…

A Beginner’s Guide to Public Cloud Options

Taught by David Linthicum
There are many public providers to choose from when it comes to cloud computing. So, how do you know which…

Design the Web: Getting CSS from Photoshop

Taught by Chris Converse
The Photoshop Layers panel contains a feature to extract CSS markup from an existing design comp automatically. Copy CSS allows…

Web Motion: Animate a CSS Sprite Sheet

Taught by Tom Green
CSS sprite sheets have opened up another door for web motion, allowing you to efficiently animate a series of images—anything…

Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Taught by Martin Guidry
Learn how to design and implement an enterprise data warehouse. Microsoft Certified Trainer Martin Guidry shows how to design fact…

Learning Cloud Service APIs

Taught by Joseph Lowery
The number of cloud service APIs grows every day. It’s hard to believe so many companies are giving away their…

Creating a Responsive Web Experience

Taught by Chris Converse
Many times, simply resizing your web design is not enough to create a satisfying user experience. This course helps you…

Creating an Interactive Animated Timeline with jQuery

Taught by Chris Converse
Learn to create an engaging, interactive, and animated timeline with jQuery. In this course, Chris Converse shows you how to…

JavaScript: Enhancing the DOM (2013)

Taught by Ray Villalobos
The Document Object Model (DOM) is at the core of every HTML page. In order to develop dynamic HTML pages,…

Drupal 8 Essential Training: 1 The Basics

Taught by Tom Geller
Drupal 8 Essentials is designed to help anyone create a simple website using Drupal, the free web design software that…

Drupal 8 Essential Training: 2 Building Out Your Website

Taught by Tom Geller
Your Drupal site is built. Now what? Web design doesn’t stop once the website is launched. Learn how to build…

CSS: Float-Based Page Layouts (2012)

Taught by James Williamson
CSS: Page Layouts introduces basic layout concepts, gives advice on how to create properly structured HTML based on prototypes and…

Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training

Taught by James Williamson
Discover how to build web sites, prototypes, and more in this course on Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Author James Williamson shows…

CSS: Visual Optimization

Taught by Justin Seeley
Take a tour of a workflow that optimizes CSS code for easier navigation, organization, and readability. In this course, author…

CSS: Advanced Typographic Techniques

Taught by James Williamson
CSS is a veritable playground for type designers. It allows you to push the boundaries of typography, and explore new…

JavaScript and AJAX: Integration Techniques

Taught by Ray Villalobos
The ability to read data and communicate information asynchronously is fundamental to modern web applications. In this course, author Ray…

CSS: Formatting Visual Data

Taught by Joseph Lowery
Having a complete toolbox at your disposal to properly structure and display data is critically important to a successful web…

SQL Server 2008 Essential Training

Taught by Simon Allardice
In SQL Server 2008 Essential Training, Simon Allardice explores all the major features of SQL Server 2008 R2, beginning with…

HTML5: Geolocation

Taught by Bill Weinman
This course shows how to add location tracking to a web application with a combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.…

HTML5: Document Editing

Taught by Bill Weinman
This course describes how to create editable content on the web using the document-editing application programming interface (API) in HTML5.…

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  • Dallas, Texas
  • Advanced Analytics AT&T
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  • Houston, Texas
  • Consultant Sparkhound
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  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Geographic Information Systems Technician Oklahoma County
Meet Christopher >
  • Hawaii
  • Petty Officer First Class U.S. Navy
Meet Christina >
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Project Manager Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Meet Ryan >
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Success Guide Salesforce
Meet Abby >
  • Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
  • Senior Principal Security Architect - 5G Verizon
Meet Vinod >
  • Norman, Oklahoma
  • Software Administrator Mercer Valve Co., Inc.
Meet Freddie >
  • Guthrie, Oklahoma
  • Fulfillment Strategist NTT DATA
Meet Kimberly >
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Senior Information Technology Consultant Worldwide Express
Meet Michelle >
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Seeking Employment Seeking Employment
Meet Nik >
  • Florida
  • Global Technology Sr. Manager PwC
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