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Overcome Common Coaching Challenges as a Leader

Great leaders make effective coaching a top priority. But to do it well, they must overcome all kinds of hurdles. To become a truly effective coach, you need to develop a practical, ready-at-hand repertoire of coaching techniques that meet the needs of a wide variety of different coaching challenges. Being an effective leader doesn’t automatically make you an effective coach.

Join instructor Ron Carucci in this hands-on, real-world course for leaders wanting to level up their coaching muscles, as he shows you how to overcome common challenges faced when coaching employees.. Explore strategies for dealing with external pressures such as time constraints, conflict, competing information, employee performance issues, resistance, and even your own vulnerabilities and anxieties as a fallible human leader. Along the way, Ron also helps you to take a deep look at your own biases and limitations in the context of coaching your employees to success.

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