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Interview Strategies in the Wake of a Layoff: Your Winning Playbook

Experiencing a layoff is undeniably unsettling, often leaving us feeling like we’ve hit a dead end. Yet, it’s vital to remember that it’s merely a bend in our career journey.

The uncertainty that looms when job security is in jeopardy …

By Ivy Exec
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Best Cities for Jobs (2024)

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With 2023 behind us, it’s time to think about fresh starts, whether that means small changes or a complete life overhaul. For many people, finding a new or better job will be a top resolution.

The …

By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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Consulting Interviews: How to Prepare for Mental Math Questions

Great news! You just heard back from McKinsey and have been invited to round one internship interviews. For many candidates, this fleeting moment elicits an incredible hit of dopamine that fades just as quickly as it came on. Then a …

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Setting Graduates up for Success: The Importance of Effective Interviewing

Entering the job market can be a daunting experience for graduates, especially when it comes to mastering the art of interviews. In today’s competitive landscape, where first impressions matter more than ever, effective interviewing skills are essential. 

Let’s explore the …

By CareerShift
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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers (Sample PDF)

Congrats! The hiring manager was impressed with your application and wants to schedule a job interview with you. Taking a look at these common job interview questions and answers can help you prepare.

Common Job Interview Questions and Answers (Sample …

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