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What to Major in for Consulting

Many people enter college with no idea of what they want to do. Others go in knowing exactly what career they wish to pursue. Still, some go in thinking they will do one thing, only to end up switching later …

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Uncertain About Your Career Path? This HR Leader Shares How She Found Her Perfect Match

From a young age, Charissa Wagner knew she had a knack for writing and working with people, but her career path wasn’t an obvious one. Although she went to college to pursue a degree in communications with a minor in …

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Everyone Says “Follow Your Passion”​ – Here’s How to Actually Do It

Working with career changers, I’m struck by how little milage these job seekers get out of conventional wisdom:

Because even though these maxims look sharp on a motivational poster, they ignore some pretty basic issues:

What if I don’t know …

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What Accounting Careers Are Right for Me? Quiz

Accounting is a great career path for people interested in finance who want to help businesses or people with their financial accounts. Yet there are so many options for accounting careers depending on who you’re interested in working for, what …

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The Ultimate Career Assessment Test for Students (Free)

If you’re feeling lost, confused, or anxious about the job search, a career assessment can be a helpful starting point to understand what kinds of careers might be a good fit for you. The best career assessments will consider multiple …

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