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Welcome to the First Generation Student Career Community, a platform dedicated to uniting students and community members who identify as first-generation college students, as well as those who support and ally with them. This community serves as a welcoming space for sharing career resources, advice, and opportunities, with a focus on empowering individuals from multiple backgrounds. Whether you’re seeking job opportunities, seeking career guidance, or simply connecting with others who share similar experiences, you’ll find valuable resources and support here. Explore upcoming events, access job opportunities, and discover resources to support you on your career and academic journeys. We invite everyone to join us in building a supportive environment for all.

Rethinking New Year’s Resolutions: A Fresh Perspective on Personal Growth

By Evan Tzivanakis

In the crisp embrace of a new year, many of us find ourselves captivated by the allure of resolutions – those promises we make to ourselves with the turn of the calendar.

Yet, as the days unfold, …

By Ivy Exec
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Best Cities for Jobs (2024)

Originally posted here:

With 2023 behind us, it’s time to think about fresh starts, whether that means small changes or a complete life overhaul. For many people, finding a new or better job will be a top resolution.

The …

By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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Professional Organizations for Women and Minorities

The organizations below are dedicated to the development of minorities and women in specific professions. Many of them allow hiring organizations to list job vacancies on their web sites or professional publications.


By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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The Challenge of the First-Generation Student

Tae-Hyun Sakong would love to be able to tell his parents why he decided to major in neuroscience, and what it was like to help his biology professor probe a genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease.

The Trinity University undergraduate …

By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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Tips for First-Generation College Students 

Embrace your identity, find your community and use all the resources the university has to offer.

 Michelle Anguka

September 27, 2021

4 min read

Heading off to college can be a daunting experience for anyone. But when you’re the first …

By Sage Mauldin, PhD
Sage Mauldin, PhD
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American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Marketing Association
American Institute of Architecture Students at the University of Oklahoma
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at the University of Oklahoma

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