First Generation

Welcome to the First Generation Student Career Community, a platform dedicated to uniting students and community members who identify as first-generation college students, as well as those who support and ally with them. This community serves as a welcoming space for sharing career resources, advice, and opportunities, with a focus on empowering individuals from multiple backgrounds. Whether you’re seeking job opportunities, seeking career guidance, or simply connecting with others who share similar experiences, you’ll find valuable resources and support here. Explore upcoming events, access job opportunities, and discover resources to support you on your career and academic journeys. We invite everyone to join us in building a supportive environment for all.

7 steps for students, grads looking for remote jobs

During the height of the Covid pandemic, remote work was the norm for knowledge workers, many of whom were college and university students and recent graduates.

Today, even though we’re only a couple of years removed from that era, many …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Ready to Make a Career Move? These 15 Companies Are Hiring Now

Are you feeling frustrated with your job search? Here at The Muse, we’re dedicated to helping job seekers—no matter their experience level—find work that’s tailored to their personal goals and priorities.

Below, you can explore openings in industries like financial …

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How to Find Your Dream Job (Plus, a Free Quiz!)

Trying to find any job can be stressful and overwhelming, let alone your dream job. Especially if you’re graduating or early in your career, how are you supposed to answer “What is my dream job” without much experience? Luckily, you …

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15 Signs You Will Get The Job After an Interview

Uncertainty sucks—especially when it comes to job interviews. The anxiety of wondering if you did well, aced those common questions, and impressed the hiring manager can be unbearable. You want to know, and you want to know now. Well, reading …

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7 Companies Where You Can Unleash Your Creativity

Are you energized by the thought of working at a company that cultivates and nurtures creativity? Do you like collaborating with people who consistently challenge the boundaries of artistic innovation? If this sounds like you, then these top companies may …

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