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7 steps for students, grads looking for remote jobs

During the height of the Covid pandemic, remote work was the norm for knowledge workers, many of whom were college and university students and recent graduates.

Today, even though we’re only a couple of years removed from that era, many …

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Ready to Make a Career Move? These 15 Companies Are Hiring Now

Are you feeling frustrated with your job search? Here at The Muse, we’re dedicated to helping job seekers—no matter their experience level—find work that’s tailored to their personal goals and priorities.

Below, you can explore openings in industries like financial …

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How to Find Your Dream Job (Plus, a Free Quiz!)

Trying to find any job can be stressful and overwhelming, let alone your dream job. Especially if you’re graduating or early in your career, how are you supposed to answer “What is my dream job” without much experience? Luckily, you …

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How to Make Career Decision: Flip the Script

Three of the most important decisions young adults will make involve their major, their college, and their career. How should students make those decisions and, more importantly, in what order? Some students may pick the college they’d like to attend …

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How to Negotiate Equity Incentives With a New Boss

You’ve got a new job in a company you love and would like to be part of in the long run. But you don’t know how to negotiate for equity with your new boss. You might worry that they wouldn’t …

By Ivy Exec
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